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clause examples A group of words that contains a subject and a predicate. A clause is either independent or dependent.
Here are some examples of dependent clauses: since she laughs at diffident men ; when the saints go marching in ; because she smiled at him; These ...
Any clause that functions as a noun becomes a noun clause. Look at this example: You really do not want to know the ingredients in Aunt Nancy's stew. ...
How to use clause in a sentence. Example sentences with the word clause. clause example sentences.
Depending on context, a particular noun could be modified by either a restrictive or non-restrictive adjective clause. For example, ...
A group of words made up of a subject and

clause examples

a predicate. ... Definition: A group of words made up of a subject and a predicate. An independent clause (unlike a ...
Recognize a subordinate clause when you see one. ... Now take a look at these examples: After Amy sneezed all over the tuna salad. After = subordinate conjunction; ...
If a clause can stand alone as a sentence, it is an independent clause, as in the following example: Independent the Prime Minister is in Ottawa
A relative clause is a subordinate clause that modifies a noun phrase, most commonly a noun. For example, the phrase "the man who wasn't there" contains the noun man ...
A clause is a grammatical unit that ... Examples (English) The following example sentence contains two clause examples clauses: It is cold, although the sun is shining.
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